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Download ASDSW-SDCS 2016-2018 General Report:

ASDSW-SDCS 2016-2018 General Report

PODS – People Offering Deliverable Services

PODSPeople Offering Deliverable Services (PODS) is ASDSW’s organizational development model. It is used to form and strengthen people’s organizations that are tasked with planning, implementing, operating, maintaining and managing WASH systems.

This is a 4 week training program tailored to the specific needs of the target community and installed infrastructure. It is programmed to be done before or during implementation of the project in partnership with other stakeholders such as government or local NGO’s. The organization can be new or existing or based on the interim WSA developed during the WASH planning process.

It can be a service provider, ie. manage a water system or a small enterprise such as a Bio-sand filter manufacturer. The participants are selected and mobilized from the local community and the main tenants of the training include accountability and transparency along with promotion of good governance practices and unification of the community to promote a sustained improvement in their quality of life.

It is a series of workshops where the participants develop their own organization under the guidance of ASDSW facilitators who also provide information and feedback as needed. This program includes guidance, consolidation and monitoring/evaluation for a period after implementation.

    The training includes:

  • Strategic Planning (vision, goal, objectives) including a dream/vision map for their reference
  • Business planning (operational/maintenance/production plan, financial plan, advocacy/marketing plan, organizational plan, policy making)
  • Bookkeeping and recording training
  • Monitoring, evaluation systems. Presentation to the community and consolidation of all the plans into 2 year operation plan.
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