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Download ASDSW-SDCS 2016-2018 General Report:

ASDSW-SDCS 2016-2018 General Report

Project Areas

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  1. Does your organization collaborate with high school students in any way? I am a math/chemistry teacher in San Diego, CA and I would love to plan a project with my 10th grade students around water conservation and issues around water quality and clean water access.

    • We have worked with some schools here. It maybe possible with your school. Please email me and we can see what’s possible.

  2. I recently volunteered my services to this foundation after being involved in the fund raising to help their orphanage and school in Bohol Philippines who got hit by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. I have seen the map of your presence in the Philippines and I really admire your contribution. Based on your present locations in the Philippines, I don’t see your presence in Bohol. I would like to know if you be able to extend your help and support to this province, Bohol through our foundation. We can help plan and work with you so in a way our orphans, schoolchildren and their family will become your beneficiaries in that part of the world. There is much I can tell you about the poverty condition of the people in Bohol that really prompted and encourage me to volunteer for this kind of work.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or you are most welcome to come and visit our facility in Bohol Philippines. We are also registered as a non profit organization extending our missions here in Long Beach CAlifornia of which some the missionaries are currently residing.

    Thank you.
    Tel. 3102287987

  3. You have done great work in creating demand for clean water and sanitation by enabling and collaborating with local groups and your
    donors. Such success in changing mind sets and behaviors shows it is possible to
    transform norms into something beneficial for the people with the right strategies.

    I can only wish, there will be political will to change core values to address recurring/ prevalent graft and corruption. The Philippines would have more resources for infrastructure for
    stable and clean water supply and financing for needed sanitation facilities if the citizens would be more informed on critical issues, use their votes to weed out those who do not serve the best interests of their constituents. It takes education and a strong determination, political maturity to get organized and reach the level of vigilance, proactivism to change the scenario.
    There must be serious implementation of laws against plunder and abuse of discretionary authority on fiscal management that waste a lot of the tax payers’ money.

    Do you have data that you can possiblyb share on assessment of the need for clean water and sanitation and impact of your intervention on the province ofCapiz?

    Thank you for your initiatives.

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