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Download ASDSW-SDCS 2016-2018 General Report:

ASDSW-SDCS 2016-2018 General Report

ASDSW wins the The Katherine M. Swanson Equality Award Laureate | 2010 Tech Awards

About The Tech Awards

The Tech Awards is an international awards program that honors innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity.

Each year, candidates are nominated and then invited to submit applications. Individuals, for-profit companies, and not-for-profit organizations are eligible. International panels of judges review the applications and annually select 15 Laureates. Awards are presented in five categories: Environment, Economic Development, Education, Equality, and Health. Three Laureates in each category are honored and one Laureate per category receives $50,000. Laureates are honored at an annual Gala event and inducted into The Tech Awards Network (TAN). The TAN extends the award program from an annual event to a year round program. The goal of the TAN is to create opportunities for learning, networking, and exposure to assist the Laureates in furthering their work.

Hand Pump and Sanitation Facilities Manual – Draft

This manual was created as a result of the Humanitarian Response to the August 2008 conflict in Central Mindanao. This ongoing response for the following 2 years highlighted many of the issues that surround response to long term displacements. One of these issues was it took time for partners to come up with suitable designs and bills of materials delaying the implementation of the infrastructure.